Naturopathic Consultations

Nature's Dispensary offers online Naturopathic consultations. Visiting your Naturopath has never been so easy. Have a consultation from the convenience of your own home. This is the perfect way for those living in remote areas where Natural Medicine is hard to come by. Busy lifestyle? Seek ongoing health advice without the need to commute and at any time without disrupting your commitments. Everyone can benefit from a Naturopathic consultation. You may have complaints of pain or a particular condition, which needs attention. How about advice on the types of foods you are consuming. Lack energy, but don't know why? We can help find and address the cause. We can not only formulate a treatment plan but also help prevent disease and maintain overall optimum health.

How do consultations work?

Simply purchase an initial Naturopathic consultation to receive your in-depth Health Appraisal Form for you to fill out in detail and send it back to us. We will review your questionnaire and formulate an individually designed treatment plan. Your treatment plan will include lifestyle and nutritional advice as well as recommended herbal or vitamin supplements which can be purchased from our online store. We recommend purchasing a follow up consultation a few weeks after your initial consultation to monitor your progress to optimal health.

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